Hawaii 2 Cards Against Humanity seat of the man heard the sound familiar, the body startled, looked around. And other three women from the green set off before and after the appearance of this table on the two men s face are varying degrees of change. The only thing you can stay out of Park Sakura see in the eyes, a trace of pleased to guess Perhaps, they are not completely ruthless, after all, these women have been bed with them so many years. But, shallow love situation shallow. However, after a little hawaii 2 cards against humanity while, belongs to her stalemate grand staged. The original promise hawaii 2 cards against humanity Vatican sitting in the car, staring at the cafe leisurely step out of the Park Sakura the little girl grew up. A simple and smooth line to the knee skirt her waist slim perfect tick, pantyhose alternative mix makes her steep add a little intellectual atmosphere. Curly eyebrows, show head, tip of the nose, ruddy mouth, jade white skin, obviously the memory of the most distinctive features, at the moment is like taking off the baby fat pumping long girls like the other side charm to unfold. See her listen to the side of the friends say what, and then bend the lips smile laugh His cherry girl, how can there be such a smile Light to the extreme, elegant to the extreme, the light to the extreme, once that can be as.h them homework, anyway, I must go. Obediently, and then twist a few times if the body is not more cute baby Szeto Jue felt his forehead more than three black lines. Well. Park Sakura is also afraid of this one meter eight O big rejuvenation, that you I do not interfere with your friends and tea chat, I went to the kindergarten asked to mention at home waiting for you. A look to achieve the purpose of pride, step by hawaii 2 cards against humanity step backward, after Stuart Jue around, grabbed his collar, Turn around, dragging the dog like step out of this tea house. From beginning to end, he did not even look at the original Connaught a Vatican. Tea house outside. Until they come to the two Mercedes Benz car before the release of all the way Southern Maple Aoao strange friends, walked into the driver s seat, launched. Szeto Jue not neglect, first into the co pilot office, and then turn the sore neck cursed Nanan Feng you crazy, you just doing Your mind Sakura know how the original Connaught Vatican He looked gloomy, and asked. They certainly know, they are Stuart Jue received a friend to kill the line of sight, to accompany laughs, I do not want to tell you friends, but I was also limited information, you know I was not Not chaos. You can be less nonsense. Hey.

ese are excuses, these are excuses You do not give me a chance, because you always refused to forgive me, refused to forgive me That wedding with someone seven years ago, is not it She fixed staring at his brow of stagnation, Xu long, red lips escaped a sigh, is how you Seven years ago, you chose the former between the meaning of your friends and your family and our feelings. Now that you have taken into account the meaning of your friends and your family s interests, you have come back to be successful. What feelings of regret that period Sakura He was apprehensive. The world, not any of you to get, how can you get anything No, no, Sakura, I You know why I did not stand waiting for you That is because, at first, you do not even have a dilemma, it would not hesitate to lay me out, that makes me understand that I can never occupy in your heart Theme, I only you can always order bits are sacrificed. No Not He loved her as a treasure. Why hawaii 2 cards against humanity not Imagine, I waited for you, after you had set for three years, and then, because of some factors, you have to maintain that marriage, and then I wait, then seven years later, when another What cards against humanity digging hole about your family about your friend before you, and I m sacrificed again cherry Even if you did not dare to spea.me, just friends, your daughter should be under the effort in his possession, rather than anxious to please Daddy for her cleanup rival. She got up, I think you have no intention and I Talking about investing in making money, bye. Park Sakura He stopped her. In order to BoA, I may do a lot of things, if anything hurt you, I She laughed lightly and courteously, Very well, if you are not afraid of retribution should be too much. His face was rapid. Was his daughter to talk about retribution, it is now the World News it Volume III, Chapter 5 Medium Suddenly do not want to cook this morning, changed clothes to the downstairs restaurant cards against humanity spencers to buy breakfast, saw the original Connaught Vatican. Sakura Bai Ying sighed, the original Connaught Vatican is very thin, very tired, Heimou bloodshot clouds within the clear to his poor sleep. when did you come Three o clock in the morning. Then stand here Novo, you really do not need this. I just miss you. Novo, he said, tired, and she could not bear it, upstairs to have a cup of milk. He Heou a light. Let s go. Looking at this fresh and elegant room, although the exposure has been simple in the color fabric sofa, still do not believe, Sakura actually invited him to the door. Cedar cherry hot cup of milk, in tur.of the feelings of a pair of children, Park Sakura for them and their own for a week of leave, and invited his mother over, his father also followed. And because of this, the two friends at home, the frequency began to return to the previous level. The family of three was actually unprecedented excitement. Parents to accompany hawaii 2 cards against humanity a pair of grandchildren playing in the living room building blocks of wood game, the women s three member group in the study of Women Talk. Understand the whole story, the wheat cloud Weibaer scolded the metamorphosis, I did not forget to say The original Novo Vatican hard enough. How to say Autumn will hold the birth of the belly. You think, if this time is Nanan maple cherry injury, Sakura must take care of him, and with guilt or gratitude, and those feelings are one of the catalyst of love, but he was so one, obviously want those who turn Note In order not to let the rival get the initiative, would rather hit the rival for the next blow, is not hard enough Autumn is the sentimental writer is taught, but then the childlike stretch tongue, but, we cherry more hard Yeah. Maiyun feel the same, met Sakura this maverick woman, deserves to be the two men unlucky chanting. Yes ah. Even to stay in the hospital to take care of the origin.

Hawaii 2 Cards Against Humanity riod. And she cherry cherry, just want to take this opportunity to solve the entanglement complex. How to do ah, the two young ladies, or to the bride suddenly said that uncomfortable, wedding canceled Wedding instrument company s bride assistant frown asked. Into the change of position for a long time, this test the heart of the lens or the first encounter, no wonder people miss tears. Sakura Sakura breath, suddenly erected, said trouble you to inform the groom s low key side of Mr. Lian, said his bride was gone, ask him to find a solution, and then you tell the Mr. Tang, And his play as usual, please be prepared. Things to now, but also how The assistant lady was ordered to act in gloom. Bai cherished in the mirror before the body actor appearance. This is how Guests stared at the front of the highly ornamental scene a pair of men and women have not yet completed by the wedding host, directly into the kiss to the stage of love, and the level of the child is not equal to the restricted level More thrilling is this no one else kissing in full swing in the outstanding men and women, one of them is not pre printed invitations on the new. Careful will find that the heroine, hands and feet were tied by the male lead, Jiyu struggling to be invalid lock liveive the crisis, the majority of investors remain faith in the original door David. The original Novo Vatican pulled through the assistant phone, help me set tomorrow to fly to the United States, Los Angeles aircraft, the sooner the better. David, a former colleague of Parker Sakura, a trip to the United States, made it one of the world s top five hundred employees of the column. Yes, President. Original Connaught Vatican and then call Bai Ying Sakura, I I m not going to have to send you an extra bill, I ll get married, three days later. what Location in the new Yue Hotel on the second floor of the banquet hall, welcome to come. I hung Sakura He frightened, his anger, What are you doing Well What do you mean Why do you want to get married Who is married Why marry at this moment He shouted, like a low animal. You are not familiar with the groom, surnamed Tang, and he married because I think I should get married, and worship. Sakura he wanted to call less, the phone has left a blind cards against humanity to purchase sound. He decadent sitting sofa, looking gray defeat. Suddenly the phone rang, he rushed over to hold Sakura President David is obviously a bit overwhelmed, I came to tell you tickets have been booked, and take off tomorrow at nine o clock, the fl.

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