Cards Against Humanity You Like nd Yeah She chuckled, and shook her head. What does Mother think As you know, your father in law, your uncle Ko, has always been very appreciative of you. Up to now, you are a daughter in law who is most satisfying to him, so he has proposed to your father more than once to match your desire for compound. Ke father, but also a worthy of her respect for the elderly, but unfortunately, she was not married to him, so doomed her and Ke family missed. He said, see, Ke Yi is still very concerned about you, like you Ha, mother, do you believe There is no reason for you to lie, is not it Uncle Ke can no reason to lie, but his wishful thinking can not change any of the facts. Can not change his birth to a bloody son, can not change she has nothing to do with the Ke family. Mo mother was silent. At first, Ke Yi warm pursuit of her daughter, Mo asked, Mo brought the best media, if not anxious to give them a legal status, the daughter would agree Ke Yi s marriage proposal However, hold the beauty of the Ke Yi is only safe to do a year of exemplary husband, and then the proliferation of peach blossom line again, the results of two people to all the results of the husband and wife of the worst outcome. Mo mother looked at her daughter meticulous good face, eye. }

eally as Jin brother put it, is that they mistook brother and sister love for men and women love it You will not be thinking about your former husband, brother May not Twenty years of life almost for his existence, suddenly one day, some people, including his own to tell her he has always belong to another woman, how should she Qiuqiu, if he is now back to find you, said he had made a mistake, he cards against humanity you like loved you, how would you do Autumn smile, I am not a life free doll, not he can say that we should say lost on the lost.I and Jin brother, never go back. Maiyun heart feel, nonsense Yes, never go back. Park Sakura will be a pair of children s clothes back in situ, to relax the whole body paralysis in a pair of friends in the middle, and their love of mountains and rivers far, it is better to take the eyes of pity. What about your eyes Asked the wheat. My daughter, my son. Imagine, tomorrow, a million to see you a family of three when the wonderful expression, and more would like to visit the site to observe. dream. what is that A casual dress Si Nan Feng staring at the same two identical little face, stunned. I thought this can be a bit worth seeing, the original are the same, but also a coward. Mo asked muttered Road. cards against humanity quotes Appearance did not mention handsome, timid.d then spin back, less than five minutes before and after, try to fast, but still fast, but people Maiji Nizi trouble people. Smelly man, smelly man, damn stinking man, to die, to die The right hand support the jaw to see Miss Mak drunk hot and vigorous form and the victims both angry and annoying intolerance look to find their own entry point. Smelly man, men are rubbish, are shit, apologize, apologize, do not hear, apologize to cards against humanity you like the grandaunt Maiyun pointed to the front of the tall man s nose, good smooth cursed exports, the middle mixed with from time to time Unexpectedly the wine hiccups. Miss, drunk does not mean you are entitled to vexatious, please let go of your hand, OK Men do not Jiu Xu, sound is a good sound level, around the bright and uncertain neon lights, the facial features are clearly not Attributed to ugly a class. But the timing is not right, enjoy the handsome man s mood will give up a clean. Smelly man, you know to let a woman obediently go away, what is your own thing Is God Shit You are not, no, not Miss, I have no intention and you explore the strange things, please let go of their clothes Puchi Park Sakura could not help laughing This man, this time there is actually playing a cold humor of interest. It turned out that she.

Cards Against Humanity You Like rk Sakura great change, and my heart is not surprised is impossible. Although the cards against humanity you like former know and seen before he has the tendency to sell cunning in front of cherry cherry, but never thought of Sakura s voice and figure will be an automatic transformation of the South maple body button, chill must first, after Hipi foolish silly, if he is in the play, the acting is afraid to be even take several sessions Oscar for best actor trophy. Do not fall in love with me Warn you Oh, I only cherish a person, your love I will cards against humanity 5sos not return Oh Snow Nan Feng, you can shut up. The original Nuofan twist from the eyebrow, I do not intend to talk to an idiot. It makes sense, no wonder I do not want to talk to you. Park Sakura do not want to carefully consider the dialogue between the two men before she is not so kindergarten level, but she has no intention to sedentary. Two slow, I have things. Ask, mention Well, said the Twins, holding the toy from the child s set, holding the mother s hand side by side, the great devil, the old uncle. The original promise Brahma, another place to continue No objection. This ambiguous dialogue to listen to the human ear, could not help but is speculation. Park Sakura in the car looking back, saw the first two men out of a McDonald s, and th.Parkia what, I do not want to intervene Sakura He saw her waist to make the potential of fat, he shouted her, You are happy right Correct. Very happy Yes. You love that man Yes, I love him. Love love. Goodbye, Novo, to find a woman you really love it. Because only then, you can really happy. Night, Mo Bozhi call over the phone, the couple dried each other s hair. Phone letter hand press is hands free answer, my sister s crying, Mo Bo Ying, I hate you, I will always hate you echoed in the huge living room, to roses, red wine, warm lighting for the protagonist of the house add a little coordination. Fortunately, when the phone ended, the warm atmosphere still exists. Sinan Feng edge with a comb to manage his wife the other end of the waves hit a few long hair, while casually asked what happened between the sisters. Park Sakura will elaborate cards against humanity you like on the situation again in the morning, shaking his head and exclaimed It seems that I was a good person in vain. Suddenly, cards against humanity you like the big blue eyes were more enchanting, and the dimples were enjoying themselves Sakura, I love you. Park Sakura heard back, water Mouzhu grinding his face, Mr. Si, you seem to have problems Oh. Snow, you seem to be in too much cards against humanity election doubt. Is it Mrs. Strye touched her husband s face, close to his e.

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