Cards Against Humanity Veterans e Mu Yu helpless appearance, Park Sakura, the recent okay Bo uncle Park Sakura rose to greet, and then glanced at the stare was staring at the busy man, Nanan Feng, you about Ke Bobo to eat, still standing here doing I m busy, Mr. Smith said confidently. Tang Xiannong if you can not see clues, can only say that his brain capacity is not enough. Calmly erected, to look at his man reach out, My surname Tang, may I ask your surname Don Is indeed enough spacious , he hated. No one to extend out of the hand response, Ke Mu Yu had to end for his son s rudeness My surname Ke, Ke Mu Yu. Are you Mr. Ke It is.Canzi rude, let Mr. Tang laughed. Canine Ke is the original son of the family, no wonder extravagance extraordinary. Hello, Mr. Ke, this is my card, Tang Xiannong. Young people will know how to seize the opportunity, and then take the initiative to show a decent smile to the South Maple, This is Master Ko, right I do not name Ke. Si Nanfeng stared at this uncle to his unhappy face, After you away from my girlfriend a little further. This Tang Xiannong Park Sakura to see, laugh, Since it is his girlfriend, we must look at the tight point. What do you mean Nan Feng Fengmou a pair of blue pupil. He can not say he and Parker cherry is in the other pe.rk Sakura great change, and my heart is not surprised is impossible. Although the former know and seen before he has the tendency to sell cunning in front of cherry cherry, but never thought of Sakura s voice and figure will be an automatic transformation of the South maple body cards against humanity rules button, chill must first, after Hipi foolish silly, if he is in the play, the acting is afraid to be even take several sessions Oscar for best actor trophy. Do not fall in love with me Warn you Oh, I only cherish a person, your love I will not return Oh Snow Nan Feng, you can rooster teeth 8 bit salute cards against humanity shut up. The original Nuofan twist from the eyebrow, I do not intend to talk to an idiot. It makes sense, no wonder I do not want to talk to you. Park Sakura do not want to carefully consider the dialogue between the two men before she is not so kindergarten level, but she has no intention to sedentary. Two slow, I have things. Ask, mention Well, said the Twins, holding the toy from the child s set, holding the mother s hand side by side, the great devil, the old uncle. The original promise Brahma, another place to continue No objection. This ambiguous dialogue to listen to the human ear, could not help but is speculation. Park Sakura in the car looking back, saw the first two men out of a McDonald s, and th.

th several cars would like to add, I do not use it to maintain what is not a strong brother relationship villain, villain, really villain Good chant, good horse to send the hero, the master took it to give that stupid brother, so he was busy with it because of who do not have time and my cherry tangled Cut Stuart Jue finally jumped up from the sofa, the young master now to find a lawyer, your Hummer cards against humanity veterans transfer to the name of the young master and so I can accompany your BoA, but He raised a touch of sinister smile, the young master called the Destroy the flower of Kathrine , you are not afraid of the young master to start your BoA Sinan maple face less than his sinister smile, and more ill, rest assured, please believe that the influence of the young master, that kind of thing happens, I definitely have the ability to let BoA responsible for you, I will be the fastest Of the time to prepare a luxury wedding. Nanan Feng He declined, ah, why, why his peerless Szeto Jue will have such a loss of friends The original Norfano identified the cards against humanity veterans original series of recent unrest behind the scenes, is the South maple. Once informed of this information, also by the way to understand why he was so. The shameless villain with these means, is nothing.Mr. Zhou Lao to date. Travel in the unconscious dream I do cards against humanity veterans not know how long, hot and humid lips harass her good sleep. Reluctantly still reluctantly separated from the upper and lower eyelid, South Feng by his swallowed his belly, glued to her lips in the gap to drive straight into the distance, tempting lingering kiss suddenly turned into a strong heat, his whole body covered up, goes bearing the weight of the two The sofa becomes crowded and blazing Park South maple, you can. Park Sakura cheeks reddish, breath slightly to promote, pull up the sinking head in his chest disorder, Do not forget, this is in your office. No one dares to come in. He still has the will and interest to continue. No, she and his hands clasped at their buttons. Now where can I go, go to my house now Park Sakura ridicule, a push him, light spit said You are now in the mind in addition to this, there is nothing else No, no, nothing but you, he said, clinging to her, I ve never been so desperate to be a man, you re the first, Sakura. I am not the Lord Ron She patted his back, You forget, we made an appointment to eat Italian food He jumped into the office rushed into the bathroom, rushed from the cold shower. She was out, listening to the rushing sound of water, chuckle endle.e and easy His tea on the drink, suddenly hope that this is a cup of the strongest strong wine, the best cup down the drunk all his consciousness. But unfortunately it is not, so he is still awake. You have a pretty child. She remembered that he had not seen his own pair of babies, but since he and Ke cards against humanity veterans Yi know, it is not surprising. Yes, but I want others to boast of their cute. She laughed softly, You do, father He stared at her first reunion after the eclipse of the Qiao decorated with no smile, Sakura Difficult to answer Rest assured, I have no intention and the original food pulp for the marriage, do children relatives. She even opened a joke. Her leisurely is not false, hook cup tea, elegant as a shallow description of the shallow ink. But this is not what he wants What does he want Does she cry resentment Or pain is difficult to eliminate No, no, he did not want her, he just wanted her attached to him Yes, he just does not want to play in her life was just a passer by role, not be able to talk about each other s children s ordinary friends , at least, he should be different You do not know me Field marriage, the original intention, how could I have children So, she said, I m sorry. I m sorry. He really wanted to roar. You did.

Cards Against Humanity Veterans you go Hey, just if that he is not it I m jealous of Momo asking them, they never have to worry about losing you, you can always occupy a unique position in your heart, they cards against humanity veterans do not even have to be able to get it all, Well Who says they re unique, they re twins Is the twins can be evil ah, a singing and a, tacit understanding was so scary, obviously a face, but accounted for the weight of two people, people fire. I m also a twin. You know, the two kid called your mom Well, Huh Sakura you mean I have an older brother who can not go a few minutes before and after the same month of the same month, and the Mo family is rich in twins. Really The blue treasure like eyebrows aim at the small abdomen of the cypress cherry, So, we can in the future Oh Eat the pain rubbing forehead, light a little thing. And the father of the twins, my twin brother. Ah, he said, his mouth wide open, and for a long time he remembered, and said, So, Sakura the twins are not born to you, are they You say She glared at him cards against humanity kickstarter like a freak. Of course not He just awe inspiring, categorically. Fortunately, the brain is not Xiudou, see that the IQ is not less than 140 of the Little Satan is not the crystallization of their brothers and sisters. So, why do you call you.this question. Hate. Bai Ying answer. The original Connaught Vatican Zheng Ran She answered too easily, but he did not know how to respond. Just think, as long as it is mortal, will hate it, in that case. She casually, as if they are talking about today s outdoor weather. I hurt you deep It should be. She nodded, how to say, then I have three pride, talked for a long time in love to know their second place in the other life, who will not stand it Sakura her frank confused him in trouble, the mall on the so called fixed as the mountain king of the gas gone, I m sorry. I ll take it, she said, lifting her cup of tea. cherry Maybe we owe this link, she said, an apology, an acceptance, and then a smile, a good friend, a good friend, but not a miss. As was a giant fist hammer on the chest, his chest was too painful. Sakura, these years, you did not think of me I I miss you. In the first year, thinking you will not because I left found my importance, think you one day will not fall from the sky, thinking of you in front of me crying and repentance begged me to go back. It was funny, but I did think so strongly. Sakura She is saying that she gave him a year of opportunity Later, something else happened, and I suddenly realized that I.

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