Cards Against Humanity Grandma to, but he choke cough more than. Is to please the parents of adults in law Si Nan Feng hurried to panic end to hand a cup of water, burned Drink water, drink water, to. Park Sakura sipped on his hand, took the opportunity to say in his ear You just call my parents what Mom and Dad it Snell s solemn announcement b&n cards against humanity to the world. You she gave up, the man has always been that the wind is rain, what can be strange Dad, Mom, I just did not finish, so I and Sakura s wedding once finalized, put the tickets sent to you over, no matter how busy time, you may have to come yo. Mo father, mother phase smile, nodded Well, there is no relationship between the tickets, the date tell us on the line. Twins wrinkled little face, biting each other s ears Great devil nausea, good nauseating Oh. Park Sakura Ren laugh, give children add a chopsticks curry beef pieces. I did not expect Ping Ping to an empty disk I have to. What She Wei stunned. beef. Thick Oh. Mo asked a small nose, You are an adult, do not eat their own folder Oh. South Maple write thin lips, said Momo asked, you do not know now progress to everyone equal So cherry you can not be eccentric, I want to curry beef, but also tomato scrambled eggs, but also Park Sakura glanced a look of interest in cards against humanity grandma the play.bsolutely surnamed Tang impressed, unforgettable. Sinan Feng in the side with the eyes of Tang Xiannong greeted curry beef beef side, already in the heart grinning underground decision. Vol. III, Chapter XI middle Maple, your proud Sakura in the end what kind of tricks Staring at the table a bunch of photos, Stuart Jue deeply puzzled. Sri Lanka maple hold a smile, only holding one of them a hundred to see, is the cedar Sakura alone Wow, I can not think of Sakura thin thin, quite a material Well. Do the authors she was the first two sides of the beast to the desperate, so cards against humanity grandma casually looking for individuals, so hastily This person is Sakura s blind date. So miles So what did I tell you to do You I ll answer the phone, then talk about the price HELLO Linda The smile of Snell s lips grew into schadenfreude. Linda, I have not seen you for a long time, and I said a few words to her Stuart Jue fiercely opened his hand to his hand, Linda, oh, how do you know my phone number Oh, very clever coincidence, something you recently how alright I how Very good Linda, how can you curse the future of your husband Haha Nan Nan Feng smile into the internal injuries, not much thought, Linda certainly there to gree.

on his shoulders, You re hungry, you re hungry, you do not seem to have anything to eat tonight Bai Ying cards against humanity grandma shook his head, you can, you go back to drive a small Do not you please sit upstairs Cocoa overjoyed, clapped applause Well, the original gentleman, I bought coffee beans yesterday, drink a cup of coffee and then go, I cook the coffee is very praise of technology Oh. Bai Ying glanced at the heart of this rippling like Xiao Nizi, a time down can not think of the original reason to refute the original Nova Vatican, and saw people in front of the children lead the way, about to take the trip, she seems to only go up with the copies. Sakura Soon as the call, Bai Ying Zhadeng, followed, come with the usual appearance of her way to hold a full, I do not want me Want me Want to die me Do cards against humanity kwanzaa not be angry, I Not deliberately come late, blame you, do not leave a fit of anger address, causing me to be Suther Jue that bad friends to blackmail, and Nanan Feng. I found your home, your mother thought I was a big satyr, saying do not tell you where you talk about, where I like satyr, cards against humanity grandma and there are so handsome good satyr it Nanan Feng. And, Momo asked Momo mention is not enough Si Nanfeng Oh, loosened her and took a step back. How do you l.with you after your marriage. She bent and laughed, Novo, when I was so fond of you, was not it Sakura He held her hand on the table. She did not hide not to avoid, then I, because of a trace of arrogance, refused to bow to please your father, but it can be unknown to you and your life, so that you illusion, , Including tolerance of your name and the name of another woman together in a certificate, and I can only wait in the shadow of your favor.Therefore, even though I have repeatedly stated that cards against humanity grandma I can not yield to your wedding You still want to keep a child with me Suddenly there is a tear, silent fall. Novo, if you knew I d be gone, what would you be Sakura, I I just want to not let you leave, I will not let you use all the power to leave, I never thought So, then, when I made my decision to leave, was it true that you were in front of you I would have been your mistress for seven years if I had not put you in the first place. No, Sakura, do not use that word to describe us, in my mind, only you are my wife I think, if I did not then successfully left the United States, your words will become my mistress career to comfort their own good medicine strike.Fortunately, I did not let themselves into that tragic position. , I want to kn.Parkia what, I do not want to intervene Sakura He saw her waist to make the potential of fat, he shouted her, You are happy right Correct. Very happy Yes. You love that man Yes, I love him. Love love. Goodbye, Novo, to find a woman you really love it. Because only then, you can really happy. Night, Mo Bozhi call over the phone, the couple dried each other s hair. Phone letter hand press is hands free answer, my sister s crying, Mo Bo Ying, I hate you, I will always hate you echoed in the huge living room, to roses, red wine, warm lighting for the protagonist of the house add a little coordination. Fortunately, when the phone ended, the warm atmosphere still exists. Sinan Feng edge with a comb to manage his wife the other end of the waves hit a few long hair, while casually asked what happened between the sisters. Park Sakura will elaborate on the situation again in the morning, shaking his head and exclaimed It seems cards against humanity number of players that I was a good person in vain. Suddenly, the big blue eyes were more enchanting, and the dimples were enjoying themselves Sakura, I love you. Park Sakura heard back, water Mouzhu grinding his face, Mr. Si, you seem to have problems Oh. Snow, you seem to be in too much doubt. Is it Mrs. Strye touched her husband s face, close to his e.

Cards Against Humanity Grandma en, and wait for them to recover from the loss of like grief, Bai Ying and made Ke Jiafu So, the United States will experience Cypress precipitation in the Their years, if not today s hospital accidental encounter, fear is forever unsolved. Autumn support jaw cheeks, several tears eyelashes, but also admire endless, Twenty year old Yeah, if it is me, has long died in a foreign country. If it is me, vertical operator back, there is no energy burden of his brother owed the debt debt chanting. Maiyun Shen habit of going to manage the long hair, remembered, a long hair to cut off their own That Niezheng debt to cut into a pretty Alice, In fact, compared to Huang Minghua, the original Connaught Vatican is not bad enough. Strange, talking about the man, she was also clear and clear and free and easy. That is not the focus. Bai Ying sigh, Well, the story is over, what are we going to do next But, autumn Italian semantic delay, but not spit unpleasant, the original Norfano Sakura see the eyes, not like the past yeah. Maiyun surprised a moment, the scene of yesterday s original tape replay, and then nodded, like. Sakura how do you say If I tell you I do not mind rereading the old dream, the two do feel If the object is Ke Yi, we only when you are to cause.e mouth, Really Park Sakura know he wanted more, now also did not mind to explain, go. However, this will not be very rude I do not need to be prepared for what Also, my clothes Park Sakura suddenly hold his hand, the latter mouth large sheets, all the nonsense automatically aphonia. Open the door is the younger sister Mo Bo Gardenia. Sister, someone see the South maple, he is He is the scourge. I was the incentive. The initiator of the inside can be in They are inside, the woman is crying and kneeling for a long time, my mother has been upstairs to the anger of the. Mo Bo Zhi Zhan glanced at this only staring at Cypress giggle mixed giggle guy. Wonderful, my mother will not be angry upstairs, but bored to go upstairs strike. Park Sakura pulled a large only the South Maple, entered the house. Living room, the father, brother are present, Liang Susu, as always, leaning on her husband, his arms holding his son. Opposite them, there were also a couple of men and women. Men she is not unfamiliar, Wei Ziye is also. Woman, is twisting lapel wipe tears, although the bowed his head can not glimpse the whole picture, see impressive charm, must have enough to do that year, the capital of third parties. I am Mo Bo Ying, I ask which to find m.

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