Cards Against Humanity 2016 Christmas ecretary of South Maple in front of the photo of the woman on the Red Cambodia exposed anthomaniac like smile, lips a kiss in the past. I am very happy to see her. What are you doing Situ Jue heard some ambiguous sound, You next to a woman And how Wow, you finally want to open Do not that a hanged cherry tree That is to say, a man a man Si Nanfeng hang up. Always not from the invitations of the blue pupil in the taunt Italy gradually marriage Tang Xiannong, I will give you a lifetime of unforgettable wedding. Turn, he loves to smile Oh, Sakura too naughty, and he opened this joke, it is hurt Yeah. This wedding is with you. Mai Yun looked at the mirror of the Park Sakura, dressed in white gauze, Sakura cherry slender waist can not help but grip a grip. Park cherry Looking back smile matched, nor the real bride it. Near the birthplace of autumn in the big sofa on the back of two friends, not without concern, said Sakura, if the two men do not come, how do you end Bai Ying shrugged. That is the best end. but Maiyun poured a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice for everyone, and toasted, Drink, comrades, add energy, and then we will be very busy and very busy. Yes ah, they really will be very busy, Park cherry to get married , Qiuqiu to have children.eople really become cards against humanity undertale abducted ignorant girl. He has cheated you Bai Ying asked. I and he, autumn Italian float Nan Yi, we are drunk after the chaos, sober, I scared to run until ten days ago, I found that I had two months pregnant At that time I thought, maybe God seems to have been a person, too lonely, and send an angel to accompany me. Well bad vulgar script. Maiyun murmured the sentence, Yangshou is a glass of wine. Park Sakura took her glass, a glass of juice drinks in the past, and on another friend said Tomorrow we accompany you to the hospital for a check it, to see whether the life of this drunk birth of health, otherwise , Do not blame we will have other recommendations. Fortunately, I have you. Autumn Italian eyes emerge tears intended. Less sensational. Maiyun Za Za tasteless drinks, Sakura, as long as a glass of good Park Sakura made a please hand style, the former overjoyed, before the hand stretched out next to the bottled beer, just listen to her and said Please drunk people who do not have their own ability to choose is to stay overnight bridge or the road. Maiyun certainly know that they will not throw themselves to the bottom of the bridge or the roadside, but let her sleep in the bathroom overnight is absolutely possible, so

, eat. So, a certain date on a certain day to the new Yue restaurant dining area people, witnessed a trace of a strange and very seductive show two to wear brand names, wearing a watch or driving a car, looks too Absolute enough to rank among the list of tall men, two long with a pair of angel faces of the little dolls make rush, but never bored. At the same table next to an Alice woman facial features do not lift, eat quite concentrate. The two men in the feeding of the eyes, but they are stuck in the woman who dare not move. Attracted a thousand female compatriots admired the woman admiration, can not wait to replace it, or seek advice tame male secret recipe. Do not, according to people said, was not far from the stage, and a haze of young men and a temperament outstanding middle aged guy on the drama center to pay special attention to want to come to paternity. And so on. This time, more than wheat cloud, even the autumn that gentle woman who also Sven sweeping, laughing invisible. So Bai Ying suspect that the event itself is indeed so funny or her narrative ability different ordinary people. Ha yo, ha yo, stomach pain, and can no longer laugh , Laughing people, ha ha Autumn, holding a comparable to the pumpkin of the belly, it is ah yo more.ponsibility to come forward. Gardenia, do you know me and his past Mo Peizhi heart under the tingling Of course she knew that if he and her sister that period of her jealous past, she walked close to him Gardenia, what promises he gave you For example, when to divorce marry you He I do not want to make him difficult Has he said that he loves you He said Mo Bozhi and his sister six or seven into a similar face glowing bright, he said, little girl, I love you, sister, he said He also said, Mo Bo Gardenia, I love you it What do you mean You want to tell me, he still can not be indulged in you He said, I love you that you is not me Sister, you will not be too self assertion point Life has you cards against humanity 2016 christmas Although the business of the cake room business than other large counterparts on many, but still fierce Mok Parkia disturbed four. Bai Zhi, cards against humanity 2016 christmas sit down. Park Sakura looked at his sister furious face, and the husband of a woman is so worth your adultery thing Love a person is not wrong Mo Bo Gardenia re seated, but thrown the classic lines. Wrong Love a person s mood may not be wrong, but when your love to hurt others, you are wrong, the original Novo and his wife s marriage in the end what kind of insider has nothing to do with you, but It is not enough to make.a was slowly opening If you want to talk about fate, where only Qiuqiu you may be innocent, and I and A cloud, absolutely can not push everything clean. Autumn, laughing weak Perhaps, I have no choice is also an option until the moment of divorce, I realized that I was an independent individual, rather than attached to someone and the existence of such a biological, Most should be responsible for their own today. Maiyun shook his head, Shuangqi to the toast Well, for you now have their own little life, we are not worth a float him. Of course worth it. What is going to happen According to the palpitations of the eyelids in the early morning, feel the heart of the uneasy, Bai Ying strange where a problem. Until met in the hospital to accompany the incumbent wife production check Zhong Zijin autumn Italian ex husband, that things at most bad to this. How to depict Zhong Zijin see autumn appears in obstetrics and gynecology clinic area expression According to schadenfreude Maiyun say, is like a broken multi seed watermelon both red and green. The past years, once the bell if the King of heaven if the King of autumn, but calm, indifferent as any encounter cards against humanity retailers passers by. Qiuer, you He swept her one, and look to her about two friends. Maiyun sneer the bell.

Cards Against Humanity 2016 Christmas eat yo. Mo asked more sympathetic. In fact, at the moment in her young mind, is indeed full of sympathy for him, so long a big afraid of injections, it is enough to lose face. Wow Oh, she will not know him later Momo asked, leave the bed, Momo Ti, to the outside to play, this is the source of infection, you are all far away from him. Tray side porridge came in a cards against humanity 2016 christmas cherry Parker will drive out a child. First smell the porridge aroma and secretly pleased, and pictionary with cards against humanity later heard that they were classified as infectious sources and depressed, simply more tightly Longzhu quilt, hold their own airtight. Eat porridge. Eat porridge. Eat porridge He was scared, the quilt was ripped. Eat. She put the bowl has been dried to the warm aroma of vegetables sent to the near past. He grumbled flatly. Do not eat Her brow lift. People in the fever, his hands weak Open the mouth. She cards against humanity 2016 christmas scooped up a spoonful. He chuckle, mouth sweet honey honey swallow delicious yeah. As a result, a bowl of vegetable porridge in a short while empty. When he was still immersed in the sweet atmosphere to watch his proud Sakura affectionately, suddenly, her next action Sakura, what are you doing Which is to eat a packet of medicine is now is the yellow package. Momo asked, pour a cu.expression of the parents, sweet smiles Mr. Sir, if your age can be degraded, I do not mind to help. Wow He exclaimed. You Bai Ying on his faint eyes, ominous premonition was a breeding, is already a step late. In the eyes of parents and children s four pairs of eyes, the servant has been on her lips heavy stole a kiss. Mo s parents belong to the traditional conservative intellectuals, saw the United States of America s husband s boldness, no anger laugh perhaps only the enthusiasm of the temper, only to melt the temperament of the daughter of the cold side of it After dinner, Park Sakura and his mother cards against humanity 2016 christmas in the kitchen, washing dishes, to stick to the stick behind the South Maple to the living room to accompany the father to see Beijing opera. Qiao Qingqing glanced at the heart of that unwilling to mute grumble away the back, Cherry, South Maple has always been so sticky Bai Ying shrugged. Qiao Qingqing smiled and said Is it right to say that you are his nemesis, and he happens to be your Mom seems to see it Bai Ying Tiao Mei asked. Haha, Qiao Qingqing will clean the bowl neatly arranged in the top cabinet, can say so, after all, keep you twenty years, hope is this day. Hope is the daughter was restrained the day Park cherry really for the mother.

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