3 Person Cards Against Humanity come again. Maiyun call in the bottom of my heart. Sure enough, the old eyes and gather two Wang tears, Miss two, Miss to please you take care of her childhood did not eat bitter, do not know how to take care of themselves, the two misses more trouble. Ugh. Maiyun can not, said Chen Ma rest assured that autumn is not you want to be so weak, she did not take care of their own problems. No, no, Miss, she grew up are Chen Ma in the care of her, where she ate this bitter Oh, God made fun of people, a good marriage, hard to teach a fox to break up, forcing my good lady To leave the growth of twenty years of home, sin 3 person cards against humanity ah The fox Maiyun hear harsh. Bai Ying laughed Chen Ma, today I have learned to teach you the last to cook herbal tea, come taste taste, pointing, okay Good, good, good. Can the teacher, Chen Ma Mei grin, immediately with the cedar into the kitchen. Autumn was relieved, but fortunately there are cherry. Chen Ma is not fair for her, but the elderly do not know, in her again and again the curse of resentment, tantamount to tear her wound again and again. Of course she was afraid of pain ah. Turn eyes to see the gray friends face, softly A cloud, Chen Ma, she is inadvertent, she absolutely do not know Well, Qiuqiu, you remember when the che.ecretary of South Maple in front of the photo of the woman on the Red Cambodia exposed anthomaniac like smile, lips a kiss in the past. I am very happy to see her. What are you doing Situ Jue heard some ambiguous sound, You next to a woman And how Wow, you finally want to open Do not that a hanged cherry tree That is to say, a man a man Si Nanfeng hang up. Always not from the invitations of the blue pupil in the taunt Italy gradually marriage Tang Xiannong, I will give you a lifetime of unforgettable wedding. Turn, he loves to smile Oh, Sakura too naughty, and he opened this joke, it is hurt Yeah. This wedding is with you. Mai Yun looked at the mirror of the Park Sakura, dressed in white gauze, Sakura cherry slender waist can not help but grip a grip. Park cherry Looking back smile matched, nor the real bride it. Near the birthplace of autumn in the big sofa on the back of two friends, not without concern, said Sakura, if the two men do not come, how do you end Bai Ying shrugged. That is the best end. but Maiyun poured a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice for everyone, and toasted, Drink, comrades, add energy, and then we will be very busy and very busy. Yes ah, they really will be very busy, Park cherry to get married , Qiuqiu to have children.

that Szeto Jue it McQueen like the hearty American girl, and his fiance before the various also 3 person cards against humanity quite clear. I thought, you stay in China, is to seek development with him. Linda Hehe laughed I can not bear, I would not have to get rid of the marriage agreement. Stuart Jue that the public lover, or leave his harem pretty better.I am willing to stay here, because there is I do not have any cherry in the stock market, but cards against humanity expansion 1 on Wall Street, I ve done a good job. Park Sakura smiles not the successor who did a good job, afraid of her resignation can not be so smooth it. Sakura, you go to the United States met with the future mother in law, will not come back Our four lines is not easy to recover, you can not cattle Oh. Autumn watery glances at friends, Jiao Jiao Road. I never thought that the moon in the United States would be over there, and the friends and love letters would soon be opened, he said. I have no idea that the boss is absent. Maiyun a lifted waves of long hair, customs million kinds, for our four lines, in order to our Friends 3 person cards against humanity Love, floating a big white. Four overflowing flowers and mahogany tea mug in the air, when then touch, this moment, friends and love far away. Great devil, you let a person will die Oh Why You are an adult, adults should le.a capable daughter Bai Ying, it seems Mo Yunchu to your tutor does have a problem, green has never been so sarcastic, you this is inherited Wei Ziye angrily. Yes ah, who inherited it My mother gentle water, my father Wen Wenrui Ya. So, so bad I side, is inherited who Say no, and sinking sperm irresponsible sperm have a certain relationship Also, do not criticize my father s tutor, at least, my father taught me the dignity of a woman since childhood, and the most tutor s daughter, is downstairs with men s trousers beg for charity. Maiyun once said Mo Po Ying s poison tongue can make five drug leader of the five color spider to avoid the three homes, avoid, do not irritate her. Unfortunately, Wei Ziye had not familiar with this law, so he first learned the skill of poison tongue. Even, he raised his hand, wanted to give the opposite face a lesson, the pair of eyes in the deep sarcastic irony to make his hand in the air he can be qualified But only a moment, the angry angry to take the upper hand, his hand down. Snapped Bai Ying suffered a right cheek on the mind. Wei Ziyi kick down already regret, Bai Ying, I Snapped His left face also fell a note. Park Sakura, you I m sorry, my father also taught me to fight back when he is unreasonably violated b.ial tremors, gradually calm down, I thought about the past few days and contact you Well, people do not want to disturb you and brother in law s sweet life ah You know the original Connaught Vatican Bai Ying Tiao Mei asked. Ah, or see Mo Bo Zhi face suddenly a white, and immediately nodded again Since the sister you see And to what extent have you been with him She asked. Sister, you Mo Bozhi finally eyes on the sister s attention, I and him, we are very good, I love him He also, love me God. Park Sakura really want to pull off the old man asked a good question what to arrange for them to the Mo family, what kind of soap opera plot Did you know that he was the son of Hans family I know that he is the brother in law of the brother in law, but he is obliged to help the family of both parties to cards against humanity hole website remarry with his ex wife. He does not love her Did he tell you that He did not say, I have felt ah. I am the world s most understanding of his people, he said, I was his little girl, is his Bai Ying closed his eyes. Her sister and the original Novo Vatican how to understand and then further the process she did not interested to understand, but if the screenplay of the cause of their own, she has the res.

3 Person Cards Against Humanity not be when the treasure can only run off, OK Does she understand English Ms. Hans glanced at the unresponsive Sakura in her mother child conversation. She has completed all the credits of the MIT Bachelor s degree in three years. Sally Hans twitching of the eyebrow the filial son Intention to see his aging mother out of embarrassment is not it Miss Bai She turned out a smiling face, to see you very happy. Strange. Nanan Feng whispered muttering. Mr. Hans, in accordance with Chinese rules, my future mother in law to the future daughter in law to conduct a routine review, trouble you avoid. This sentence, she used is very pure standard pronunciation of Chinese. OK, however, to see so familiar in the copies, not to mention I have no prior informed Oh, my Sakura is not submissive Chinese daughter in law, bullied her 3 person cards against humanity before the first look at their teeth enough solid, or people did not Eating teeth knock fly, not to mention my son did not do filial piety. How good, only his cherry was suitable for such a family. Not filial son, fast roll Sili. Hans shouted. Her unkind son lazily got up, and draw 2 cards against humanity bent his head on his cheek light kiss on the cheek, Sakura, if this is in the menopause of the woman you lust, do not care because of my face embarrassed, Despite.e and easy His tea on the drink, suddenly hope that this is a cup of the strongest strong wine, the best cup down the drunk all his consciousness. But unfortunately it is not, so he is still awake. You have a pretty child. She remembered that he had not seen his own pair of babies, but since he and Ke Yi know, it is not surprising. Yes, but I want others to boast of their cute. She laughed softly, You do, father He stared at her first reunion after the eclipse of the Qiao decorated with no smile, Sakura Difficult to answer Rest assured, I have no intention and the original food pulp for the marriage, do children relatives. She even opened a joke. Her leisurely is not false, hook cup tea, elegant as a shallow description of the shallow ink. But this is not what he wants What does 3 person cards against humanity he want Does she cry resentment Or pain is difficult to eliminate No, no, he did not want her, he just wanted her attached to him Yes, he just does not want to play in her life was just a passer by role, not be able to talk about each other s children s ordinary friends , at least, he should be different You do not know me Field marriage, the original intention, how could I have children So, she said, I m sorry. I m sorry. He really wanted to roar. You did.

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